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The Digital Access Project (DAP) provides low cost Internet services to Californians with disabilities. With prior approval, DAP services are available to DOR consumers through their Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). Anyone with a disability can qualify for affordable access to the Internet through DAP and there are no income requirements. To sign up for this service, visit the DAP website or call the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers at 800-390-2699 voice or 800-900-0706 TTY and complete a brief questionnaire.

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Straight Path SLS/ILS

One-to-one services to consumers who live on their own

​Straight Path provides a supportive program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that fosters the development of skills as a part of normal activities of daily living to maximize the level of personal independence

One-to-one training to consumers who wish to live on their own in the community,